Thanks to technology and its advancement in today’s world, brands have the privilege to reach their target market anytime and from anywhere in the world. But this also means that the audience is inundated with a variety of options to choose from.
This poses a challenge to brands to differentiate from the crowd. To stand out in the multitude of brands, your brand needs outstanding elements. In this post, we will attempt to educate you about one of the elements; brand loyalty.

But before we go any further, grab a bite and sip your drink.
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Now that you’re done with the appetizer, let’s dig in.

So, what is brand loyalty?

“The situation in which a consumer generally buys the same manufacturer-originated product or service repeatedly over time rather than buying from multiple suppliers within the category.”
American Marketing Association.

What Brand Loyalty is not

When customers buy your products majorly because of low prices, discounts, rewards and not because of how your brand and products make them feel.

Now, sip your drink one more time, and let’s get down to the main meal.

Why should brand loyalty be important to you?

  • Costumers stay with you during uncertainties: During the extreme period of the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers purchase products from brands they know and trust because they felt safe.
  • You won’t have to spend more on marketing: The trust your consumers have in your brand will always make them come for you and your products; both old and new so far they serve their need.
  • Consumers will recommend your brand: This is the sweetest deal that comes with brand loyalty. Your consumers will become your foot soldiers marketing your brand and your products to everyone around them.

How to sustain loyal customers

  • Work on your brand perception: Make what your consumers think about your brand align with what you want them to think about your brand.
  • Always deliver quality: Quality products are most times pricier than their alternatives, so make sure your consumers are getting the value for their money.
  • Provide a feedback platform: Give your consumers opportunities to review your products and make adjustments where needed. This will make them have an “I belong” to your brand feeling.
  • Be personal with your consumers: Beyond the products you offer your customers, know what they care about, their common values, their success, their woes and engage with them as humans.
  • Offer a great customer experience: When your consumers face challenges at any point that relates to your products or when a bad comment is made about your brand on social media where this kind of information spreads like fire, don’t be silent about it, apologize and find out what really happened and do the needful.

Key takeaway:

True brand loyalty foundation is formed with positive emotions. Gain your customers’ trust, beyond the product, offer value, great customer experience, and the comfort they are seeking.

Don’t forget to stick to your brand values while at it.

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