Hashtags have become a powerful element to reckon within social media. Whether it’s social campaigns, advocacy or social protests, hashtags have proven to be a very critical medium for increasing awareness and online visibility.  Businesses are not left out on this trend. Today, it’s no longer strange to see customers search for products and services using hashtags. And like Google search, the competition to rank high on specific hashtags is a real struggle among brands in the same industry.

In this blog post, we have listed out a set of rules to guide you on your next post.

So just before you drop your next post on your page, be sure to check out these critical hashtag rules to be sure you’re getting it right.

1. Don’t Copy and Paste Your Competitors Hashtag

don't copy competitor's hashtags

Yes you can use your competitors’ hashtags but resist the urge to arrange them in the same pattern and position. Instagram frowns at such copying and plagiarism.

2. Use Only Hashtags That are Relevant to Your Niche


Don’t be tempted to use a hashtag simply because it is trending. You will only be attracting the wrong audience to your brand. That’s how you voluntarily invite trolls to your business page.

3. Be Consistent with your Hashtag Set but not in the Same Pattern


This is robotic and is bound to trigger a penalty from Instagram. You stand a high chance of being shadow-banned if you do this.

4. Only Use Hashtags That Your Audience Are Searching For


The best way to discover the hashtags your audience are searching for is to look up words closely related to your business. Interestingly, there are tools readily available to help your research.

5. Yes You Can Use Hashtags in Your Stories Too


Not a lot of people know this. Yes, Instagram allows users to use hashtags in their stories. This is a sure way for your stories to pop up on the explore page.

6. Keep Your Branded Hashtags Short


The shorter your hashtag the easier it is for your target audience to recall it. Keep your branded hashtags short and catchy.

7. Research Hashtags Before Using Them


To avoid being shadow-banned, ensure to research hashtags before using them on your business pages.

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